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First of all, I know you’re all probably thinking this is weird to have been brought up in a conversation among dudes.  But please, put the judgmental leaps and bounds to rest and take this PatFact for what it is…

99.9% of women want men with no hair on their bodies


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A Shoeless-Joe-Jackson   Leave a comment

People who take their shoes off in public places should be shot… fucking assholes.

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It’s Settled, Then…   Leave a comment

Okay.  Here’s the plan of action, after much heated debate and planning.  Simply put, we will be posting PatFacts as frequently as they are served up by the cook.  This could mean that there are multiple PatFacts one day and then a week-long dry spell before the next (keep in mind, however, that the latter is highly doubtful).  What we mean to say is: Bear with us.

That being said, we would like to share our first ever PatFact:

Ninety-five percent of baseball players (MLB) in the nineties were complete assholes.  Everyone knows that…

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A Basic Definition   Leave a comment

Before one attempts to understand this blog, it is imperative that he or she first does two things.

ONE: Read the About PatFacts tab for a bit of background, and

TWO: Refer to the following definition of a PatFact…

PatFact – Anything spewed directly from the mouth of Pat, which, whether or not intended as such, is perceived to be absolutely ridiculous and/or outrageous to the degree beyond which its sharing with the rest of the world becomes necessarily warranted and its lack thereof considered utterly irresponsible.

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