Just Kill Yourself Already!   Leave a comment

Jokingly, but stated nonetheless, and in a time of frustration…

You know how there’s always those people who never seem to get along with anyone?  It’s like, “If no one likes you, go kill yourself!”


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“Mulatto” Voted Best Skin Tone 2011   Leave a comment

By now, you all have probably heard of a “mulatto,” or a person of mixed black and white ancestry.  Perfect.

Well, what may not be so black and white is this next PatFact, which I can almost guarantee you have not heard of…

The mulatto skin tone is viewed as the most sexy and best looking worldwide.  You could survey whomever, and they will all tell you that.

Simply remarkable.

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He’s Got A Dirty Mind   Leave a comment

There are some thoughts that we all know run across the minds of every last one of us.  Then, unfortunately for some, there are those thoughts that we all understand run across only the dirty minds.  The following may be considered to be one such thought:

If you’re ever faced with the decision to either get a blowjob with a bunch of people watching, or to forgo getting a blowjob altogether, you choose the blowjob.


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Cold, Hard Fact of Drinking   Leave a comment

WARNING: This next PatFact may just blow your mind!  No, not really.  But, I must say, this one  — though it may be a bit prematurely labeled — is officially my all-time favorite PatFact.

If you’re happy, you drink; If you’re sad, you drink; And if you’re somewhere in the middle, why not throw one back?  That’s just the way it is.

…Eloquentia Perfecta…

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The Secret to Women   Leave a comment

This one really blew my mind.  I mean, I literally lost sleep thinking about exactly where this little line of logic has been for centuries.  I believe that what we have here can quite truthfully hold the secrets of our universe, and it’s as simple as anything…

As long as you’re nice to a girl, treat her well, she’ll let you fuck her. Guaranteed.

…and there you have it, folks. Was it everything you hoped it would be?  It was for me.  Alas, the secret to women.

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Lessons on Etiquette   Leave a comment

Anyone who goes to a sporting event and doesn’t have a beer is gay, legitimately.

…It must be so, that it is only proper etiquette to grab one’s self a cold one when watching your favorite athletes do what it is they do best.  Lesson learned.

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Talking Football with the Guys   Leave a comment

Um… Yeah, still trying to figure this one out.  Not exactly sure how it works, but it was said, thus officially qualifying it as a PatFact:

The ball never lies; If a man does not deserve to score, he will not score –– End of story.

Pretty sure the logic doesn’t quite follow.  But maybe it’s just me – ?

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